Chris Rahlwes

I’m a PhD candidate in Philosophy at the University of Connecticut. I’m a member of UConn’s Expression, Communication, and Origins of Meaning (ECOM) research groupLogic group, and Meaning group

My main research interests are philosophy of language and Buddhism. I’m especially interested in the role negation plays within Buddhist language and logic.

I’m also interested in formal logic, non-Buddhist Indian philosophy (Brahmanical & Jain), Chinese philosophy (Daoist, Confucian, & Mohist), Africana philosophy (Kemet & Decolonial), and Mesoamerican philosophy (Nahua & Maya).

My dissertation (supervised by Alexus McLeod (chair), Mitch Green, Lionel ShapiroJc BeallJay Garfield, and Ethan Mills) focuses on negation. More specifically, it proposes a triparted understanding of negation by engaging with Buddhist, Jaina, and Daoist traditions.

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  • My article, Nāgārjuna’s Negation, has been published in the Journal of Indian Philosophy.
  • My literary translation of Nāgārjuna’s Mūlamdhyamakakārikā chapters 11, 16 has been published in the Hudson Review.
  • My literary translation of Nāgārjuna’s Mūlamdhyamakakārikā chapters 3, 10, 12 has been published in New Poetry in Translation.